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The Ajak's started SkyRise Vapor GlassWorks because there was a lack of a trusted family oriented smoke shop. The issues in this industry are endless. From un-safe sleazy locations to just down right dishonest information. Few things that many smoke shops have in common just to make a sale. Our in store environment goal is for you to feel so comfortable that you may be able to bring your child with no hesitation!
Our journey was challenging, Due to all the negative feed back customers had from other smoke shops. It was a bit difficult to change peoples thoughts about our industry. That doesn't mean it's impossible, we pushed through it. We turned all that negative information to positive results in our locations, we are proud to be like no other!
We want to be able to bring you products strictly from the source and in your hands cutting out the middle man and all the hidden cost behind it! We stand behind our products and try to be as informative as possible. We not there type of company that puts a product on the shelf and just gives you a price! Our staff loves what they do therefore willing to answer any questions you may have. Our store reviews state it all for us thanks for all our customers honest opinions. 
We only hope to bring complete satisfaction in the products you receive from us! 
We have wonderful staff that proudly represent our company and we can't wait to bring many more on to the team!  
-SkyRise Vapor GlassWorks Team
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